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On-Page SEO Techniques


On-Page SEO Techniques To Rank On The First Page (Part 2)

You have probably gone through the basics of on-page SEO techniques. If you haven’t checked out the article click here. Now we are going to delve into more advanced techniques of optimizing your content to get the top rank in SEO.

Improve Your Page Loading Times

Google likes fast-loading websites and rewards them with a higher place in search results. One of the biggest drains on page load times is oversized images. A quick improvement on your site to help reduce load times is to simply compress your images.

Switch on the ‘Featured Image’ option:

If you are a WordPress user, it is a must that you switch on the featured image option. Different platforms may have another name for it. The featured image option allows you to use an image on different social media platforms and search engines when your post gets found or shared.

On-Page SEO part 2a


Although it might sound like document keyword frequency but it’s not the case. This is called term frequency- inverse document frequency. It only judges how many times a keyword has appeared but compares that with the expectation from that keyword. Certain keywords might be more common and appear more but if that is still less compared to the expectation that TF-IDF will be low.


Google has their optimizer where they edit things to what they are supposed to mean. Synonyms and close variants make up for majority of searches. Use of synonyms can be a great tool to get your website a boost in google searches.

Insert file name for images:

People search for everything but images on the internet. Search engines can read your image files much better just by giving it a suitable title. So, your SEO increases too!

Responsive images are crucial:

It is a must for you to create an image that adjusts to all kinds of screens. Be it a laptop, PC, tablet or a mobile screen and much more.

Lessen Sematic Distance:

Sematic distance is the distance between two words or phrases within the same HTML. It doesn’t mean the physical distance between words. The lesser the distance is, the more relevant those phrases are thus increasing the chance of appearing on relevant searches more.

Numbers in title tags:

Using numbers and facts within the title tag is a brilliant ways to raise views to your website. Numbers always creates an interest in the searcher and will also increase the CTR on your website.

Relatable title tags use:

While searching for the right website on google, users are more likely to click the one that they can relate to the most. This will increase your Click through Rate. The best way to create a fantastic title tag is to think like your audience.

Page Segmentation:

Pages are segmented in different sections like header, fodders, main body etc. Main body is most likely to hold the most relevant texts. It is important to design your website in a way that you can dish out the most important info as quickly as possible.

Brackets in all the title tags for On-Page SEO

Using brackets in your title tag will improve your rankings of both Click through Rate and SEO. Your title is the first thing readers read and will entice the users to check out your content writing services.

Phrase- Based Mixing:

Google has its own tendency of predicting what sort of phrase are going to come up. Using phrases which might come up in these predictions can help your website appear far more than usual.

Entity Salience:

Entity in a website is anything that is well defined. Known relationships between different entities are used instead of keywords in Entity Salience. Making sure your website has content scattered in a way that strong entity relationships are built can be a great way to gain more users.

Transcription of video content:

Transcribing your video content is a way for you to increase the number of keywords in your video content. Many people use this way of content creation. It not only increases your SEO ranking but also provides the better user experience.

Answer every possible question:

One of the best ways to make sure your website gets a lot of views is to provide content which has answers to all the relevant questions. This way will make sure regardless of what users search by, your website will most likely get a mentions

On-Page SEO part 2B

Update and upload past contents:

Updating and uploading your past content creations can give an instant boost to your site. By adding more keywords and content, it increases on-page SEO. This is a very well-known SEO content strategy.

Write a description of your video content:

Give a small detail about what your YouTube video is about. Audiences can better understand your video then. This creates more interest to watch the video. This is a great On-page SEO strategy.

Cut poor quality backlinks:

Having poor or bad backlinks to your website can actually reduce your SEO ranking. So, to avoid that, it is better to cut those backlinks.

Do not change content format:

Once the users get used to your blog post writing style, it will be difficult for them to acquaint themselves with the new format. You can make tiny changes, but do not make it too visible.

Create topic clusters:

Topic clusters mean to create any content on the same topic. Google then redirects the searcher to your website.

Have social shares:

Have an option to share your blog posts or other contents to different social media platform. Searchers can share and your SEO will increase.

Create error-free content:

Always value quality over number. Write good content instead of long, boring blog posts.



We, at Proficuous solutions, try our best to help you make your page the best possible version of itself. Following our suggested steps, you will have your website ranking very high on any search engine platform which will help you get a lot of users and bolster your website

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